After having spent many years with various personal trainers with differing degrees of success, I was introduced to JRNYZ. I was immediately impressed with the initial Bio Mechanical assessment JRNYZ performed as I hadn’t encountered this technique before and it focussed on several areas we needed to work on. JRNYZ also did a very thorough fitness assessment that included realistic but stretching targets.

JRNYZ is an extremely experienced trainer and his diverse and intimate knowledge of a range of techniques means that every session brings something new and interesting to the mix – today we used the TRX and the kettle bell to get a real 3D workout! I find this incredibly motivating and for the first time I actually look forward to going to the gym.

I have always wanted to lose weight around my hips and thighs and have a better body tone and, even after 4 weeks, I have been able to see the results of my twice weekly training sessions with JRNYZ. This is something I have failed to do with the other personal trainers have worked with.

JRNYZ is very friendly, incredibly professional and we have great fun, even when our sessions stretch beyond 90 minutes! I would thoroughly recommend him as a personal trainer to anyone, whether to lose weight, tone or just to improve overall fitness.


After moving house I had let my training slip and, determined to get back on track, was introduced to JRNYZ through my gym.

I was impressed with the bio mechanical assessment JRNYZ conducted (I hadn’t encountered this technique with other trainers). This, coupled with a comprehensive fitness assessment, gave me confidence that JRNYZ would develop a training programme that was individual to my needs and focused on the areas that really needed work.

Training with JRNYZ is a real pleasure and his extensive experience shines through in the range of techniques he uses and his ability to coach and motivate during the session. I find every session brings new challenges; just when I think I’ve sussed out the routine JRNYZ introduces something new to exercise both my body and mind. I particularly enjoy switching between the TRX, kettle bell and, more recently ViPR; every part of the body is included in the workout.

Another benefit to JRNYZ qualifications and experience is that he can adapt exercises to work around particular injury or pain. For a few weeks last year I had shoulder strain and rather than stopping training completely, JRNYZ simply adapted our session to ensure that no additional strain was caused whilst enabling me to continue training.

My goals are quite simple; improve my general fitness, flexibility and body tone. As a result of my regular training sessions with JRNYZ I can see and feel the results; this has helped me to be generally more energetic and positive.

JRNYZ combines his professionalism with a great sense of humour. I would thoroughly recommend him as a personal trainer.


"tangible results in a relatively short space of time"

I had an initial Bio Mechanical Assessment, followed by Fitness Assessment with JRNYZ late last year in order to identify specific areas of fitness to work on. JRNYZ was very professional and explained the results from the assessments very clearly. He put together an initial rehab programme based on the assessments and tailored our sessions to fit into my busy time schedule.

JRNYZ reviewed my programme constantly during each session based on the progress I’ve made, which stops me getting bored and also motivates me because I can see real improvement. During the initial assessment, JRNYZ had correctly identified my back as a problem area for me and developed a rehab programme with that in mind.

After training with JRNYZ on a weekly basis for about a month I noticed a significant improvement in the back problems I’d suffered for several years. My back felt stronger and I was experiencing much less stiffness and pain.

I’m a keen cyclist and spending hours on a bike can leave my back feeling very stiff, but the exercises and training sessions with JRNYZ seem to really help, more so than physio I have had in the past. The fact I’ve experienced tangible results in a relatively short space of time has really motivated me to keep exercising.

JRNYZ is very enthusiastic and motivational, and I’m very impressed with his extensive knowledge of a wide range of exercise techniques, which is superior to other personal trainers I have used. I would highly recommend JRNYZ to anyone looking to improve their health and fitness.

"really helped me take this up a gear"

JRNYZ is a great guy who puts a lot of time and energy into your goals. I’ve always lifted weights but he really helped me take this up a gear and focus not only on being strong, but also losing some of that excess fat. In particular he’s made me focus on multiple movements to help improve full body function and toning, as well as being an all round fitter individual.

"Always friendly, encouraging and good humoured"

I started seeing JRNYZ whilst I was recovering from a traffic accident in which I was hit from behind whilst walking. JRNYZ initial assessment was very thorough and he was able to explain quite clearly what effect my back pains were having not only on the back itself, but the knock on effects on the rest of my body and posture.

JRNYZ tailors the training not only to take into account my condition but also to make it suitable for what I want to aim for, most recently aiming for a skiing trip this Christmas.

I have been seeing JRNYZ now for almost two years and he provides regular updates to my training program, not only to keep things fresh, but to provide continued progression and new goals to aim for.

Always friendly, encouraging and good humoured I would recommend JRNYZ for anyone wanting to improve their general fitness, overcome an injury or work towards a fitness goal.

JRNYZ is great at fixing all of my bad habits. It’s not just about doing exercises but doing them properly. I’m leaner, ache-free and I now actually enjoy going to the gym.

"I’ve seen great results whilst working with JRNYZ"

I’ve been lucky to have JRNYZ as my PT for several years. He always manages to convey the huge amount he knows about fitness and training in an easy to understand way, and always with a smile. I’ve seen great results whilst working with JRNYZ in terms of overall fitness, toning and injury prevention.

"It's made a hugely positive difference to my mental health "

I’ve had the pleasure of being supported by JRNYZ for a few years now. During that time I’ve seen a drop in weight of 16 lbs. overall but most importantly, I’ve been able to maintain that loss and have a more toned and healthy appearance overall. Its made a hugely positive difference to my mental health and whilst its always hard work, JRNYZ does manage somehow to make it fun as well !

"Since starting personal training with JRNYZ, I’ve loved training"

I’ve never been one of those people who loves the gym or looks forward to exercise, Since starting personal training with JRNYZ, I’ve loved training, the most important thing of the whole experience is that it’s fun and I look forward to every session as no two sessions are ever the same. JRNYZ is a great Personal trainer, always cheerful and encouraging. His workout sessions use a range of cardio and resistance workouts which are all quirky, different, fun and never boring. JRNYZ also developed the personal program for me to help with my back problems and helped to improve my posture and core strength.
Since starting personal training with him, I’ve lost 3kg, gained a level of fitness I never thought possible and have increased my self-confidence. As I spend most of the day in front of computer, it is great when I can just jump in to my sessions, leaving most of thinking to my trainer and then leave an hour later feeling great.

"JRNYZ knowledge and enthusiasm as a PT has been invaluable for me"

JRNYZ knowledge and enthusiasm as a PT has been invaluable for me, when reconditioning following running injuries, and for identifying and fixing underlying muscle imbalances

"JRNYZ is definitely one of the best personal coachES I have ever met"

I have been with JRNYZ for nearly three years with my weight control program. I really appreciate JRNYZ professional knowledge and the programs he designed for me. I controlled my weight successfully for the last three years with JRNYZ help. JRNYZ also helped me with my knee rehabilitation. He always explains things so well that I can understand the problem before I work hard to resolve it. JRNYZ is definitely one of the best personal coaches I have ever met.

"I am so much stronger, fitter and leaner"

JRNYZ training sessions have been amazing and have helped me improve my fitness levels massively. Since joining his sessions I feel I am so much stronger, fitter and leaner. I would definitely recommend.

"the core program has helped greatly with my running"

Just a few words to say thanks for sorting out a training program for me with the apparatus I have available to me.

The flexible exercise/weights cover my needs to build up my shoulder and core strength, this has relieved the constant tension in my upper back/shoulder area also the core program has helped greatly with my running to elevate aches and pains along with the stretches suggested.


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